Recent News

Heat Pump Project Public Final Report

The public final report of the ecoEII-supported SUMARAN-led project on air source integrated heat pump systems is now available. See Featured Project.

Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research

SUMARAN President Mark Riley attended the grand opening of the Urbandale Centre for Home Energy Research at Carleton University on May 25, 2016. In a unique research installation at the Centre, SUMARAN and Carleton researchers have been assessing the potential to improve the performance of air source heat pumps at extreme temperatures by tempering the outside air supply through a gravel bed thermal storage system.

Building Simulation 2015

SUMARAN President Mark Riley co-authored a paper on TRNSYS modelling of air source integrated heat pump systems with smart zoning for residential space and water heating in cold climates. In December 2015, co-authors from Polytechnique Montréal presented the paper at Building Simulation 2015, the 14th Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association, in Hyderabad, India.

Grand Opening of Net Zero Energy Demonstration House

Mark Riley, President of SUMARAN Inc., attended the grand opening of the Reid’s Heritage Homes Net Zero Energy demonstration house in Guelph, on September 11, 2015. An air source integrated heat pump (AS-IHP) system developed by SUMARAN Inc. and Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. is featured in this house. (See Featured Project for more information).

Sustainable Housing Technology Road Map

The Sustainable Housing Technology Road Map for Canada has been released. This roadmap represents the starting point for an industry-led collaborative initiative to build affordable sustainable housing, through innovation. Its vision is that industry will be capable of delivering affordable sustainable housing to homebuyers across Canada by 2020. The goal is to stimulate demand for over 40,000 sustainable houses across Canada. Mark Riley, President of SUMARAN Inc., was an important contributor to the final document.

ecoEII Supports SUMARAN Heat Pump Project

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced support for 55 new projects through the Government of Canada’s ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative (ecoEII). One of the initiatives being supported is a SUMARAN-led project to develop integrated air source heat pumps that can operate efficiently at low temperatures and provide domestic hot water as well as space heating and cooling.

National Research Council Evaluation Advisory Committee

Mark Riley, President of SUMARAN Inc., has accepted a position on the Evaluation Advisory Committee (EAC) for the National Research Council (NRC) Construction Portfolio, previously called the Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC). The purpose of the EAC is to provide advice related to the evaluation design and react to evaluation findings and recommendations.

eSim 2012 Keynote Speaker

Mark Riley, President of SUMARAN Inc., was a Keynote Speaker at the eSim 2012 Building Simulation Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His keynote address was on Housing for a Changing World: A Sustainable Housing Technology Roadmap for Canada. For more information on the eSim 2012 conference: