The Company


SUMARAN Inc. is incorporated in the province of Ontario and is located in the Ottawa area.

The President, Mark Riley,has been managing energy-efficiency and renewable energy technology development and transfer activities for more than 30 years.

He was the S&T Director of the Sustainable Buildings and Communities Group within CanmetENERGY - the energy R&D arm of Natural Resources Canada - until he left in 2009 to pursue consulting and research projects related to sustainable housing, buildings and communities.

At CanmetENERGY, Mark directed R&D and technology transfer activities in the areas of energy-efficient houses, buildings and communities; distributed energy; hydraulics (small hydro, wave and tidal power); solar energy; and wind power. Earlier in his career, he was the Technical Coordinator for the R-2000 Home Program,where he managed the development of technical criteria, equipment and installation standards, computer simulation software development, building performance monitoring and technology transfer activities. He then led CanmetENERGY’s Buildings Group for 10 years before assuming the position of S&T Director for Sustainable Buildings and Communities in 2004.

Mark has participated in a wide range of Canadian and international committees, led scientific exchange and trade missions and received numerous awards for his work.